Case Results

  • Case Dismissed Domestic Violence

    Client was charged with domestic violence on his wife and two of his stepdaughters also told police that he had touched them inappropriately. Client was in jail at Santa Rita but was released as soon as Attorney Costy went to court on his behalf. After 3 months of investigation and discussions with the DA’s office, the case was dismissed.

  • Case Dismissed $10,000 Embezzlement

    A young man with no prior convictions was fired from his job after being caught on video embezzling $9,625.00 worth of merchandise from the company where he worked. He was charged with multiple counts of felony theft and embezzlement. After speaking with several lawyers, he hired Attorney Demetrius Costy just hoping to avoid jail time. 9 months later Demetrius was able to get the entire case dismissed.

  • Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor Weapons Charges

    Client was charged with shooting a semi-automatic pistol at his stepfather as well as being in possession of multiple firearms and a machine gun. There were 12 felony charges on the complaint. When the Judge refused to release his client from jail, Demetrius set aggressive, no time waiver hearing dates. Ultimately, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss all 12 felony counts in exchange for one misdemeanor and the client was released from jail that same day.

  • No Charges Filed Felony Domestic Violence

    30 year old man was arrested for felony domestic violence after an argument with his live-in girlfriend. After discussing the matter extensively with client, who was the actual victim in the case, Attorney Costy spoke with the District Attorney’s Office and the DA decided not to file any charges against the client.

  • DUI Reduced to Wet Reckless and License Returned DUI

    Client was charged with DUI as well as enhancements for having a minor in the vehicle and also having an excessively high blood alcohol (.15%). Attorney Costy investigated all the facts and closely studied the body camera video from the incident. There was some history between the police officer and the client and Demetrius convinced the prosecution that the officer unfairly target his client. Client was able to plead to a reduced charge and both enhancements were dismissed. Demetrius also got the prosecutor to stipulate to a finding of not guilty on the DUI which forced the DMV to return client’s license immediately with no suspension or conditions.

  • No Charges Filed Possession of a Firearm

    Client was arrested for possession of firearm in a vehicle and, after making bail, was scheduled to appear in court the day after Christmas. Attorney Costy told client not to cancel his holiday plans. Demetrius spoke to the prosecutor’s office and no charges were filed against client. Attorney Costy was even able to arrange for the return of client’s iPhone that was taken when he was arrested.

  • Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor $8,000+ Insurance Fraud

    38 year old client was charged with filing a false insurance claim that lead to $8,216.43 worth of loss to the insurance company. The evidence included multiple statements, and hundreds of text messages. Attorney client spent months reviewing all the facts and was able to convince the DA to dismiss all the felonies in exchange for a plea to one misdemeanor and one year of probation.

  • Warrant Recalled & Case Dismissed Domestic Violence
    The client went out of state and lost touch with his previous lawyer while his domestic violence case was pending. A warrant was issued for his arrest and his attorney withdrew from the case. The client hired Attorney Demetrius Costy to take over the case. Demetrius was able to get the warrant recalled within one week and the case was completely dismissed.
  • NO CHARGES FILED Felony Domestic Violence & Assault with a Deadly Weapon

    An 18-year-old girl was arrested for multiple felonies, including, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, and domestic violence after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend during an argument where she discovered he had cheated on her. Client's family posted her $90,000 bail and hired Attorney Demetrius Costy. Demetrius gathered positive information and evidence on his client's behalf and spoke to the District Attorney's Office. The DA decided not to file any charges against the client.

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