White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyer in Oakland

Defending Against White Collar Charges in Alameda County

Because white collar crimes are nonviolent, you may think that they are not serious and could bring lighter consequences. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Depending on the circumstances, you could be facing numerous felony charges and significant time in jail or prison.

Demetrius has handled over 100 white collar crimes cases. His experience includes everything from; welfare fraud, embezzlement, forgery, insurance fraud and identity theft, to more complex cases involving conspiracies to commit healthcare and securities fraud. No matter what the circumstances of your white collar crimes case, we can help.

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Types of White Collar Crimes

If you are facing a fraud charge or other white collar crime, you should not hesitate to engage the services of a reputable criminal defense attorney who has experience handling these types of cases. You may be under investigation by aggressive state or federal agencies dedicated to putting you in prison. At Demetrius Costy Law, we have significant experience handling all types of criminal charges in Alameda County, including the financial crimes associated with the term “white collar crimes.”

White collar crimes are those using deliberate deceit, dishonesty, or violation of the public trust for financial gain. Depending on the nature of the crime and the amount of financial damage it involves, you may be facing misdemeanor or felony charges.

Examples of white collar crimes include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Passing bad checks
  • Identity theft
  • Real estate and mortgage fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Bank and wire fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Investment scams, such as Ponzi schemes
  • Welfare fraud
  • Workers’ compensation fraud
  • Extortion
  • Money laundering
  • Healthcare fraud, such as Medicare and Medicaid fraud

Potential Consequences of White Collar Crime Convictions

Many white collar crimes carry specific penalties according to their statute. In any white collar conviction, you may be facing jail or prison time, fines, mandatory restitution to victims, loss of professional licenses, deportation consequences for noncitizens, and government seizure of property.

At Demetrius Costy Law, we can help you seek a dismissal, reduced charges, or reduced sentencing through effective legal strategies. Our firm has routinely proven itself in obtaining optimum case results through relentless effort and strong legal skills.

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